Last updated February 4, 2012

The following pictures shown are from other contributors, all of whom had sent only a few pictures, at most. I would be particularly interested in seeing some yesteryear pictures.
Other pictures of interest are of utility men in process of pole replacing (new pole erecting; wire transferring; old pole cutting; old pole removing). Pictures of ID numbers and brandings would be nice as well. Any pole pictures are welcome, though.

(Most of the text on this page is quoted from respective contributors.)

Scott H.




"Here's a new pole I observed in Rapid City, SD. Looks like laminated wood. These are starting to become common...?"


"I bought an old photograph of what appears to be main street in an old west town this past weekend. In trying to establish where and when it could be, one of the things I began researching was the utility poles running up the street. From your site I found that the first poles were installed in 1844. I'm attaching a digital image of the photo--the photo itself is very light and not too clear but you should be able to see the pole in the foreground and the one farthest down the street. Any idea why they would have 3 crossbars? That seems like a lot for the 19th century but maybe they had big hopes of needing more power someday?"

"The poles in the picture are very likely telephone and not power given the large number of close spaced wires. Also some closer study is needed to determine whether the metal crossbraces were used; very early pole construction in the west used two diagonally arranged lag bolts to hold the arm on the pole (many were later retrofitted with conventional steel braces)."
- ddahle