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Gallery (Montague, MA, USA)

Center Street

Central St. #2
Here is a picture that was probably taken in the early 1970's, from what was known as Central Street at the time. The crossarms and positions of the insulators have changed since then. At some point, some of these poles did not have any crossarms on them. Eventually, these same poles started to have crossarms again. The second pole into the picture also now has a streetlight facing towards the common.

Federal Street

Federal St. #32 Federal St. #46 Federal St. #50 Federal St. #52 

fish hatchery

fish hatchery #5

First Street

Ferry Rd. #5Ferry Rd. #6Ferry Rd. #7

Goddard Avenue

Goddard Ave. #4
Goddard Ave. #5 I decided to make this picture the first one to be in the Turners Falls gallery because it is also the first one to be no longer standing among the poles that I have been taking pictures of since 1998. The next pole behind it is also getting replaced; the top wires have been transferred and its head has been cut off. Note the little sticks next to the two poles, indicating that these two poles have been marked for replacement. Another thing interesting about this pole is that I noticed birds living in a hole near the top of it.

Main Street

Bridge St. #1 This picture was taken in the fall of 1979. The old pole was early in the process of being replaced by a newer, orange pole. In the background is another old pole (one with a transformer). This pole is also no longer standing; it was replaced by a newer, green one by 1992. Even the newer, orange pole is no longer standing today; it is believed to have been hit by a car in later 1992 or 1993. Today, a green one stands in its place.
This picture of the same two poles is circa early 1981. One version shows just the two poles; the other version includes the same background pole as before. Well after the electric company had transferred the electric wires to the new pole, the telephone company (pictured here) is transferring the telephone wires. The car in the picture was either parked next to the truck or just passing through.

Main St. #5

Meadow Road

 Meadow Rd. #58 Meadow Rd. #59

Riverside Drive

Riverside Dr. #1

Turners Falls Road

Depot St. #5

Unity Street

Ferry Rd. #9 Ferry Rd. #10 Ferry Rd. #11 Ferry Rd. #12 Ferry Rd. #13 Ferry Rd. #14 Old Wires