Last updated February 12, 2008

The following is a gallery of pictures that I took in areas near or in my residence. Many of these pictures were taken since later summer 1998. One page has a section with older pictures, mostly taken with a 110 camera or a 126. The 1998 pictures were taken with a 35mm camera (an Everflash Funshooter 70) that I bought at a tag sale one time. However, I began to have problems with the shutter release button. In January 1999, I bought a new 35mm camera (Halina Ansco Silhouette Zoom 28-52mm) with a zoom lens and automatic picture advancing and rewinding. Pictures that I have been taking since then were with this camera. When the lens wasn't able to zoom anymore, I started using a Kalimar (ZOOM 35-55mm) camera, which I originally bought as a substitute camera in case the Ansco one needed repairs or replacement. Eventually, I began having trouble advancing the film with this camera, so I began to use disposable cameras. I also bought a couple of digital cameras (one that can take distant pictures close up, and the other that can take macro pictures as well as regular ones). I also bought a camera that is also a Kalimar, but has more automatic functions. The last three cameras that I mentioned I have taken very few pictures with so far. The most recently purchased camera that I have is another digital camera, which is also the first one I ever bought with a preview screen.