Last updated September 5, 2007


Railroad Poles

More Bent And Crooked

Older train track poles seem to appear more bent and crooked.

Many Separate Wires

There are often many more separate wires on the crossarms of the train track poles, as compared to poles that follow the roads.

More Than One Crossarm

Train track poles also seem to have more than one crossarm on them more often than the road ones do.


Train track poles also tend to be shorter.

Always With Standard Crossarm Construction

Train track poles always seem to have crossarms fastened in the middle. Very rare are there any poles with alley arm constructions, or non-crossarm constructions.

Some Taken Down In Recent Years

Train track poles and their wires seem to be taken down in more recent years. My guess is that, from looking at warning signs near some train tracks, it may have something to do with fiber optic cable buried into the ground.