Last updated September 5, 2007


Climbing Steps

Most That Have Them Are Older Poles

Most of the poles that have metal steps on the sides of them are ones that date at least as far back as the 1950's.

Certain Newer Poles Have Them, But No Newer Than 1974

Exceptions: I've seen a couple of poles dated as recent as 1974 that have them. One of them is located in the beginning of Main Street in Montague Center, near a bridge; the other is located on Turners Falls Road in Turners Falls.

Some more exceptions: two telephone company poles in Turners Falls — one only as far back as 1968, the other from 1971 — also have climbing steps.

A 1969 Pole That Formerly Had Them

I remember years ago that a 1969 pole in my area had climbing steps at one time. Climbing step holes that remain in the pole proves that my memory serves me correctly.

Certain Older Poles Don't Have Them

More exceptions to the rule: There are occasionally some really old poles that I've seen that don't have climbing steps.


"L" Shaped Most Of The Time

These steps are "L" shaped, with the end of them pointing upward.

Certain Ones Look Like Giant Nail

I have also seen some climbing steps that appear to have a rounded head, making them look more like giant nails.

Shorter Part Of "L" Shaped Ones Appearing Longer Than Usual

I saw unusual climbing steps on one pole in Deerfield. They looked like the "L" ones, only the otherwise shorter part was much longer than usual. An older pole in Amherst has climbing steps with this unusual appearance as well. I believe I may have also seen such steps on a few poles in Bernardston or Greenfield.